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We are PCB master.

Our world is printed circuit boards. Since 1994, we have been improving our own production and expanding our product portfolio. Thanks to this, we now supply PCBs almost all over Europe. But mostly to Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Poland and Slovakia.

You can find stories of where we deliver our boards on our blog:

  • The history and evolution of PCB – printed circuit board designs

    Printed circuit boards have transformed the landscape of modern electronics, evolving from simple radio circuits to complex multi-layer designs that underpin a myriad of technologies. Dating back nearly a century, the journey of PCBs reflects a history of innovation and adaptation to changing…
  • Global PCB Manufacturing Industry: Estimated Growth in 2024

    The global printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing industry, after a decline in 2023 due to supply and demand imbalances during the COVID-19 pandemic, is poised for a revival in 2024. The Taiwan Printed Circuit Association published an estimated growth of 6.3% in January 2024, supported by the…
  • Modern Cleaning Agents and PCB Testing

    As the demands for reducing dimensions and increasing intelligence in electronic systems continue to rise, there is mounting pressure to shrink components while ensuring their reliability and extended lifespan. Modern printed circuit boards constitute intricate and multilayered elements of…
  • In challenging times, Gatema Holding is performing very well

    In our interview with František Vlk, the owner of Gatema Holding, we explored the course of this year and inquired about the company’s plans for the upcoming period. Mr. Vlk provided us with a unique perspective on current events and challenges faced by Gatema PCB, revealing key information about…
  • Cleaning PCBs Only with Reliability Testing for Electronic Devices

    With increasing demands for size reduction and enhanced intelligence of electronic systems, there is growing pressure to miniaturize components and ensure their reliability and long lifespan. Modern printed circuit boards (PCBs) are multilayered and complex electronic components that require…
  • Flexible Electronics and Material Innovations: Path to New Possibilities

    In the field of electronic design, new technologies and materials constantly emerge, enabling innovations that push the boundaries of possibilities. One key focus of development is flexible electronics.
  • Key parameter in PCB production for extreme conditions: High Tg value

    PCBs with a high glass transition temperature (Tg) are an essential technology for applications facing extreme temperatures, humidity, chemicals, and vibrations. The significance of the Tg value determines the advantages of PCBs, particularly in the automotive electronics and telecommunications…
  • Cooling of Electronic Devices: A Key Aspect for Longevity and Reliability

    As technology continues to advance, electronic devices are becoming increasingly powerful, smaller, and indispensable in our daily lives. Whether it’s ordinary computers or high-performance industrial systems, the reliability and longevity of these devices depend on proper cooling. In this article…
  • Navigating the Thermal Maze of Printed Circuit Boards

    The right choice of materials for thermal management in electronic assemblies can have a crucial impact on the stability and performance of devices. In this article, we will focus on five main groups of materials that can be used to address temperature-related issues and their application in…
  • Guide to Reducing PCB Manufacturing Costs

    PCB manufacturing is not a routine task, involving a plethora of machinery, labor, and processes. The cost of production is intricately tied to the value of materials, composite layers, and the complexity of PCB fabrication. How can you reduce the cost of your PCB without compromising its…

What our customers appreciate most about our service:

  • the extremely reliable and fast delivery of orders
  • minimum production defects, perfect results, meeting deadlines
  • long-term stability and professionalism in all aspects
  • speed of response, pleasant communication, helpfulness
  • the quality of the technical staff, the intuitiveness of the online configurator

This can be an inspiration for you to start working with us. For us, it is a great commitment that we must continue to improve our services. After all, that’s what our corporate philosophy of know wow is all about. Doing good things great.