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We are PCB master.

Our world is printed circuit boards. Since 1994, we have been improving our own production and expanding our product portfolio. Thanks to this, we now supply PCBs almost all over Europe. But mostly to Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Poland and Slovakia.

You can find stories of where we deliver our boards on our blog:

  • Navigating the Thermal Maze of Printed Circuit Boards

    The right choice of materials for thermal management in electronic assemblies can have a crucial impact on the stability and performance of devices. In this article, we will focus on five main groups of materials that can be used to address temperature-related issues and their application in…
  • Guide to Reducing PCB Manufacturing Costs

    PCB manufacturing is not a routine task, involving a plethora of machinery, labor, and processes. The cost of production is intricately tied to the value of materials, composite layers, and the complexity of PCB fabrication. How can you reduce the cost of your PCB without compromising its…
  • The Importance of Prototype Production of Printed Circuit Boards

    In the modern technological environment, where innovation and rapid change are crucial, printed circuit boards hold a central place in the electronics industry. With this fast-paced dynamics, PCB prototype production becomes an integral part of the process of developing new electronic devices.…
  • Innovative Solutions in Flexible Printed Circuit Boards

    Progress in the electronics industry is moving forward rapidly, with the latest trends focusing on the development of advanced flexible printed circuit boards (FPCBs). These boards not only enable the interconnection of components in electronic devices but also possess the ability to bend, shape,…
  • Our circuit boards in space

    In April 2023, the largest planetary probe, JUpiter ICy moons Explorer (JUICE), was successfully launched towards the largest planet in the Solar System, Jupiter.
  • Basic rules for the placement and routing of printed circuit boards

    Placement and routing are the processes of designing a printed circuit board (PCB) that involve component placement and the creation of connections between them. It is an important and critical step in PCB design. Component placement has a significant impact on the overall design schedule, while…

    It is annoying for any designer to find out at the last minute that their product is defective. No matter how well the electronics are designed and carefully manufactured, there is still a risk of problems. Many electronic devices go through a prototyping phase, during which many errors and…
  • BGA Package and Its Use in Electronics Manufacturing

    When considering the design requirements for the production of sensitive computer components, it is evident that wire bonding will be challenging in such cases, particularly for surface-mounted devices. Especially in the construction of microprocessors, we encounter the direct connection of…
  • Part 2: What not to forget when manufacturing high frequency printed circuit boards – Electrical Signals and Electromagnetic Interference

    When transmitting electrical signals through conductors on a printed circuit board (PCB), there can be electromagnetic field emissions that may interfere with other signals in the vicinity. Electromagnetic interference (EMI) in relation to PCBs is a problem associated with the unwanted emission of…
  • The trend of our time – smart fabrics

    This time we will look at a trend that is being further developed in America in the textile company Nextiles. The company combines traditional sewing techniques with printed circuit boards to create smart fabric that enables biomechanical and biometric sensing for measurement and performance…

What our customers appreciate most about our service:

  • the extremely reliable and fast delivery of orders
  • minimum production defects, perfect results, meeting deadlines
  • long-term stability and professionalism in all aspects
  • speed of response, pleasant communication, helpfulness
  • the quality of the technical staff, the intuitiveness of the online configurator

This can be an inspiration for you to start working with us. For us, it is a great commitment that we must continue to improve our services. After all, that’s what our corporate philosophy of know wow is all about. Doing good things great.