We manufacture printed circuit boards.

Fast, reliable and high quality.

In the production of prototype printed circuit boards we are one of the best in Europe. That’s because, in addition to first-class quality, we add unprecedented speed, reliability and an exceptionally friendly approach. See for yourself.

We produce the board faster than others

If you need a board reallyfast, we can do incredible things.

To be the fastest PCB manufacturer we are constantly investing in new technology.

We continously impove our production system and keep a three-shift operation.

And in doing so, we keep the high quality.

You can rely on us.

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Microvias in printed circuit boards


In the current technological world, “microvia holes” in printed circuit boards (PCBs) represent a revolutionary approach to manufacturing. By integrating these holes, whether through mechanical or laser drilling, it has been possible to achieve high-density interconnections (HDI) and create designs…

Microvias in printed circuit boards

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Today we are one of the leading European manufacturers of printed circuit boards.

We offer an exceptionally wide portfolio of boards as well as applied technologies and materials.

We produce PCBs with real quality, reliability – and above all extremely fast.

Our domain is prototype production, but thanks to the acquisition of the German Kubatronik we can produce basically any high-tech board.

We are based in Boskovice and have branches in Germany and Austria.

We have been doing good things great since 1992.