Download more information about Gatema PCB a.s., company documents, datasheets, technological information or individual quality certificates obtained in previous years. 


Company policy Download

Quality certification ISO 9001 Download

Certificate ISO 14000 Download

Certificate ISO 13485 Download

Liquidation of the PCB Download

CAM processor for Eagle Download

Delivery terms Download

UL certificate 1 and 2 layers   Download

UL certificate multilayers   Download



Material IS 400   Download

Material DE 104   Download

Material DF-4-86 UV   Download

Material IS 370 HR   Download

Material MSC TC-Lam 1.3   Download

Material IMS VT 4B3  Download

Material IMS VT 4B5   Download

Material Polytherm TC-Lam-Cu 2.0    Download

Filling paste TDS THP-100DX1   Download

Peelable mask SD 2955   Download

Carbon ink   Download

Soldermask green   Download

Soldermask white   Download

Soldermask black   Download

Soldermask red and blue   Download

PCB production   Download