About us

Express PCB production

High quality and extremely fast. For more than a quarter of a century, we have been manufacturing printed circuit boards for leading companies throughout Europe. Today, Gatema PCB is a key entity of the Gatema group, manufacturing PCBs for around 800 companies in fifteen European countries - including the largest distributors in the industry.

We are accelerating and improving the production of prototype PCBs year after year. By investing in new production machines, improving processes and developing a production information system, in which we are involved in the development. For years we have also maintained a three-shift 24/5 operation.



Quality and innovation are a matter of course

We offer an exceptionally wide portfolio of PCBs and the technologies and materials used. We produce everything from basic double-layer to sophisticated flex-rigid boards in top quality.

Every year we expand our portfolio with more and more types of printed circuit boards.


Thanks to our customers we are constantly growing

We have been growing and evolving since 1994. We started with two, today we have 130 people working in Boskovice and the Kubatronik branch in Germany and Katema Tec in Austria, together generating an annual turnover of approximately EUR 12 million.

In 27 years we have established cooperation with many customers all over the Europe. They appreciate not only the quality of our work, reliability but also our automated processes, open communication and speed of delivery.

Our goal remains unchanged. We want to be one of Europe's largest suppliers of prototype printed circuit boards. We do believe that it is a real ambition.


Significant milestones of Gatema PCB:

year 1994 

  purchase of the technologies of Prototypa Brno - start of the printed circuit board division in Gatema
 year 1997  
 transfer of the headquarters to Boskovice and purchase of a production facility on Havlíčkova street with an area of approximately 10,000 m2
 year 2002
 the company is certified according to ISO 9001:2001 for the first time
 year 2004
 multilayer PCBs are added to the product portfolio
 year 2005
 production of HDI PCBs with 0.1 mm micro-holes, 0.2 mm buried holes, min. track gap  0.1 mm, BGA
 year 2013  
completion of the construction of the production hall in the new 20,000 m2 facility and the transfer of the complete PCB production to the new production plant
year 2018

 established Zebra PCB s.r.o. a joint venture with RACOM s.r.o.

year 2020

 Gatema acquires German PCB manufacturer Kubatronik Leiterplatten GmbH

  establishment of Gatema PCB a.s. and transformation of the group into Gatema Holding s.r.o.

  production of flexible and rigid-flex boards, min. track gap 0.075 mm, IPC class 3

 establishment of a sales office of Katema Tec GmbH in Austria

year 2021

 launch of online PCB configurator

 automation of selected production processes