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Printed circuit boards, prototype PCB, immersion gold, Hal lead free, connector gold, multilayer, core thickness, pre-preg, µm, rigid-flex, non-solderable mask, resist, custom PCB. 

We can lead you through the world made of microscopic details of printed circuit boards. More than twenty five years of experience gives you proof of our quality and skills. Our strength is precision and fast delivery. Standardly we manage top urgent deadlines in perfect quality.



Gatema was established as C.E.A., s.r.o. a limited liability company with foreign capital participation - in 1992. As from the beginning of its existence, the company co-operated with LCS International (now Asseco solutions a.s.) and operated in the field of sales and later also development of high-quality ERP systems. In May 1994, the company bought a technology for manufacture of single- and double-sided printed circuit boards and one year thereafter the company became 100% Czech company operating in the international field of information technologies and printed circuit boards manufacturing. In the last 25 years our company grew from 2 employees start up to company with 180 employees divided in four divisions at the present time, and generating annual turnover almost 11.8 million EUR our new plant and our branch offices. 


Gatema PCB a.s.  - base stone of the brand

Nowadays, the Gatema PCB is the key division of the company, producing prototype printed circuit boards (PCB) to 800 companies in fifteen European countries, including the leading distributors in our industry.

Thanks to permanent investments into development and technological improvements we do believe that our aim of becoming one of the leading European suppliers of PCB prototypes is a real ambition. Have a look at our PCB production hall here.  We use ERP Helios Green, implemented by Gatema IT a.s., to manage and control production processes.

Naturally, we do our best to minimize the environmental tracks of the company and we also invest into personal development of our employees in such way so were main as innovative and inspiring company not just for now, but even for the future. We want and we also participate in many charity projects in our surroundings.


Significant historical milestones of PCB Division:

Ocotber 19, 1992

 C.E.A. s.r.o. – registration in the Company register, 2 employees, annual turnover below 20 000 EUR

year 1994  

 purchasing set of technologies of the company PROTOTYPA Brno - start of the division of printed circuit boards in Gatema

year 1997

 moving to Boskovice, purchase of production plant on Havlíčkova street, with an approximate area 10 000 m2

year 2000

 purchase of new technologies and essential replacement of machines

year 2002

 first certification of the company according to ISO 9001:2001 standard

year 2004

 multi-layer PCB are included in the product portfolio

year 2005

 software for data and production materials processing CAM Genesis

 production of HDI PCB 2-4b-2 with micro-holes 0,1 mm, buried holes 0,2 mm and joint / gap parameters 0,1/0,1 mm

 company changes to Gatema s.r.o.

year 2006

 production of HDI PCB 2-6b-2 with micro-holes 0,1 mm, buried holes 0,2 mm and joint / gap parameters 0,1/0,1 mm

year 2010

 certification based on ISO 14001 standard 

 production of single-sided IMS PCB

year 2011

 full two-shift operation and manufacture of PCB in express terms

year 2012

 most of the production lines switched to a closed rinsing circuit to develop environmental protection

 we decided to built the R&D Centre in Boskovice, without any state support

 start of new production hall construction in November

year 2013

 start of full three-shift operation – increase of production capacity up to 15 000 m2/year

 finishing the production hall construction in June – a new complex with the area of 20 000 m2

 complete PCB production relocation to new  production premises

year 2016  

 new administration building opened

year 2017

 company transformation to a joint stock company Gatema a.s. (1. 1. 2017)

year 2018

 established Zebra PCB s.r.o(PCB assembly) a joint venture with RACOM s.r.o.

year 2020

 Gatema acquires German PCB manufacturer Kubatronik Leiterplatten GmbH

 established Gatema PCB a.s.

 coopertion with Safiral s.r.o. (PCB assembly)

 established a new sales unit Katema Tec GmbH (Austria)